Romero & Serve' Family History
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2002-Year of the Romero/ Serve' Family Reunion 


Romero & Serve' Family Reunion

  June 29th & 30th 2002 

Walsenburg Colorado.


Surnames included are:

Abeyta, Barrazo, Calleros, Dery, Cordova,  Dasis, Borrego, Fletcher, Garcia, Leyba, Lopez, Macmaster, Mata, Morales, Montoya, Moreno,  Pidilla, Rodriguez, Romero, Salazar, Serve, Torres, and Valencia.

 The reunion will include all descendents, from all marriages of Jose Erinero Romero and Maria Acencion Serve'.  Please send all comments,    suggestions, ideas, etc. to   I will be acting as the Chairman for the event and there be committees organized for various responsibilities.  

Please check back often for updates. As you know, this page will always be under construction.  If you discover any mistakes or would like to contribute information to the family page (I strongly encourage this) please contact me at the email address below.

Rebecca Herzig (Dasis)

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